If you have signed up for the Job/Shift already, then you see your name in the Volunteers Today tab on the V4S kiosk application with a Check-In button

Go to Volunteers today tab in the V4S Kiosk application, search for your name using the search volunteer option. You see your name with the Job/Shift details with the Check-in button. Click the Check-In button to check-In. Once you finish volunteering, search for your name in the volunteers today screen and click the Check-Out button.

This is an easy way to Check-In/Out for Signed up Job/Shift.

You can also Check-In for the Job/Shift from the Job/Shift details screen

Go to Jobs and Shifts list page on the V4S Kiosk application, search for the Job/Shift for which you have signed up for. Click the Job/Shift tile, search for your name in the Job/Shift details screen and click the Check-In button to Check-In and click the Check-Out button once you finish volunteering.ck the Check-Out button.