You can make the changes to the login ID for the V4S Kiosk app. To replace existing V4S Kiosk login Id to a new ID

  • From Salesforce Admin ID
  • Go to V4S Mobile Users Tab
  • Go to edit page of the existing V4S Kiosk User
  • Disable the "Is Kiosk User" button and Save the changes
  • Now, click edit for the V4S Mobile User ID whom you wish to make as the V4S Kiosk User
  • Enable the "Is Kiosk User" Checkbox
  • Save the page.

Now the V4S Mobile user for whom the "Is Kiosk User" is enabled, can login to the V4S Kiosk app on the device

Note: If the V4S Mobile User is already created in the org,  you can enable the "Is Kiosk User" button Or click here to create a new V4S Kiosk User.