App Key is a unique identifier to recognize the Org, App Key is generated in Salesforce once the V4S Mobile app is installed in the Salesforce Org.  App Key is required to log in to the V4S Kiosk/V4S Personal application on the phone.

App Key is an auto-generated alphanumeric key, and should not be edited.

Follow the instructions below to view the App Key in Salesforce

  • Login to Salesforce as Administrator
  • Click the App Launcher
  • Click the V4S Apps Tab
  • You see Recently Viewed App Key list
  • To view all the App Keys in your org, click the V4S Apps / All view 


Note: All V4S Mobile Users should use the same App Key to log in to the V4S Kiosk application. A new App Key must be created only if there are multiple configurations for Jobs and Shifts in the org for Volunteer Signup, Check-in, and Check-Out.

Different App Keys can be created and added filters to each App Key using the configuration screen only if there are multiple locations with different Volunteer Jobs in each location for Volunteers Signup, Check-in and Check-Out.