To allow the V4S Mobile app to access data from your Salesforce organization, you need to "Authorize" V4S Mobile to access your data. By default, the Salesforce oAuth process authorizes apps to your production organization.  Please follow the process below to Authorize the V4S Mobile if it is installed in your Sandbox org

  • Click Setup (using the same Salesforce ID where you have downloaded theV4S Mobile)
  • In the quick find box, search for Manage Connect Apps
  • From Connected Apps list select "V4S Mobile oAuth"
  • Click on Edit Policies button
  • Replace “Start Url” with "
  • Save the page
  • Reload the page and click on the V4S Mobile OAuth tile from the Menu tiles
  • oAuth is now processed in your Sandbox.

If the screen is redirected to the Login page, please replace the Salesforce login URL from "Login" to "Test" and enter the Sandbox ID and PW to login to Salesforce Sandbox

Note: oAuth is active for a very short period in the Sandbox org. You might need to re-authorize V4S Mobile if you see an error message that says "Token has expired" or Org license expired on the V4S Kiosk application login screen on the device. You should click on V4S Mobile oAuth tile in Salesforce again to activate V4S Mobile. The oAuth is active for fewer hours only in Sandbox. But in the Production org, the authorization Token is active for at least a year, or until you revoke it.

Important information: 

While processing oAuth in Sandbox, please log out of all other Sandbox or Production orgs on your Desktop/Laptop and log in only with the Salesforce Sandbox ID in which you have installed V4S Mobile and then process oAuth. Otherwise, we are not sure to which Salesforce ID is the oAuth processed and you may have problems while using V4S Mobile application.

Also, please make sure that your Email Deliverability option is set to All Email. By default, the Sandbox Email Deliverability option is set to System Mail only.

You should also enable API's when you have installed the V4S Mobile application in your Sandbox org. Click here to know more about enabling  API's in your Sandbox.

You should enable Email to Salesforce, click here for more information.