You see the volunteer names in the signed up volunteer list only if the volunteers have signed up for the current days Job or Shift. If there are no volunteer names in the Job/Shift details screen it means no one has signed up for the Job or Shift. Volunteers can search for their name from "Don't see your name below! Signup" screen and signup for a Job or Shift

Search Volunteer and to signup for Job/Shift

  1. Click on the Job or Shift tile for which the volunteer needs to Signup 
  2. Click the Don't see your name below? Sign Up button.
  3. Search with Volunteer Full Name, First Name or Last name
  4. Click the Signup button to Signup
  5. You can search for a Contact (Volunteer) using the options below
  • Contact Name: You can search for a Volunteer by entering Volunteer First Name or Last Name or Full Name
    • Make sure that you don't enter any special characters in the name for the search as in D'Souza, O'Brian etc.,
    • The volunteer search fails if there are any special characters in the name
    • If the volunteer name is with special character, then please enter only the first name and search it
  • Email ID: Enter the same Email ID which is under Contact information to search for a particular Volunteer with their email ID
  • Phone: Enter the same contact number in the same format which is there in Salesforce Contact details of the Volunteer.

Refer this article to know more about searching volunteers from the signed up list.