The Auto Scheduler is an automatic process that executes at a frequency that you can set up. By default, we suggest that you set it up to execute once every day.

The Auto Scheduler does the following:

  • If a volunteer has checked in to a Shift but not checked out, then the Auto Scheduler Checks out the volunteer and update the Shift End time as Check-Out time
  • If a volunteer has manually checked out, then the Check out time is NOT changed
  • For all Volunteer Hours records that have associated timesheet detail records, the Volunteer Hours Status is updated from Web Signup/Confirmed to Completed.

To create/activate the scheduler

  • Go to Setup, and search for Apex Classes and click it, then click the Schedule Apex button. In schedule apex page enter the Job name for scheduler and select "v4sUpdateShift" from list for Apex Class field. Set the frequency and select the Preferred Start Time for scheduler and save it.

Note: Select the above mentioned Apex Class from the search button

Now the Scheduler is set, and the scheduler will execute at the "Preferred Start Time" and Frequency which is selected at the Schedule Apex screen and auto Check out the Volunteers from Shift who have Checked In and not Checked Out. The Scheduler will also update the Volunteer Status from Confirmed to Completed.

  • The Auto Scheduler will Check out the Volunteers automatically who have at least Checked in for a Shift and then update the Status to Completed
  • The Scheduler will not make any changes if the Volunteer has not Checked in for a Shift
  • If the volunteer has checked out of the Shift manually, then the scheduler will only update the Status from Confirmed to Completed

The Scheduler auto checks out Volunteers from SHIFTS and not for JOBS. The Status for the Job changes only if the Volunteer has manually Check-in and Check-Out for the Job.

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