Once you have processed the oAuth, you can invite Volunteers to test the V4S Mobile app.

You see three tabs on the screen once you finish processing the oAuth for the V4S Mobile in Salesforce.

  • Most Active Volunteers
  • Active Volunteers from 30 days
  • Search Volunteers

  • Select the Volunteers from the list to invite volunteers to test the V4S Mobile app and click the Send Email button
  • You now see a pre-filled email template that will be sent to the invited Volunteers
  • Click the Send button
  • Click the Confirm Button to invite Volunteers to test the V4S Kiosk application.

If you don't want to invite volunteers for testing the V4S Kiosk/Personal application, you can close the "Invite volunteers to use the V4S Mobile" screen and you can continue to test the V4S Kiosk/Personal application in your org.