Sometimes the login to the V4S Kiosk fails due to the reasons below.

  1. The oAuth has expired for the V4S Mobile app, or
  2. A non-Salesforce administrator has processed the oAuth for the V4S Mobile app.

If you see the message as

  • Something's wrong, please try again later!
  • Org license expired, Or
  • Insufficient privileges,

Please process the oAuth for the V4S Mobile application and then start using the V4S Kiosk application for volunteering.

  • Sandbox org: If you are using V4S Mobile in your Sandbox, please process the oAuth every day before you start testing. Sometimes the oAuth is active for less than 8 hours in Sandbox which is a known issue in Salesforce Sandbox org.
  • Production org: The oAuth does not expire frequently in the Salesforce Production org. You should process oAuth only once upon installation, and the oAuth is active for at least a year or until you revoke it.

The oAuth expires in the Production org if a non-salesforce administrator processes the oAuth that does not have access to all the V4S Mobile objects.


  • The "V4S Mobile oAuth (admin only) option shows for all the Salesforce users in your org. Please inform the non-Salesforce administrators or the people who do not have access to all the V4S Mobile objects not to process the oAuth.
  • The V4S Kiosk login fails if a non-Salesforce administrator processes the oAuth for the V4S Kiosk app.
  • We suggest you hide the oAuth option for non-Salesforce administrators by following the instructions here.