You can enable a scheduler in your Salesforce org to auto check-Out volunteers from Shifts. 

Once the scheduler is enabled in your org, the scheduler executes at the preferred time set in the scheduler and auto Checks-Out volunteers from Shift and also update the Volunteer Status in Salesforce from "Confirmed" to "Completed".

Scheduler for auto check-out and updating volunteer status

  • If the Volunteer has checked in to a Shift and not checked out the scheduler considers Shift End time as Check out time and checks out the volunteer automatically and saves the Shift End time as Volunteer Check-Out time in Salesforce
  • The volunteer status is updated from "Confirmed" to "Completed", the changes happen only if the volunteer has checked in to the Shift using the V4S Kiosk application
  • If a Volunteer has checked out of the Shift manually before the scheduler is executed, the scheduler changes the Volunteer Status and does not make any changes to the Check-Out time, regardless of what time the volunteer checks out at.  

Please note, that you need to be on V4S Mobile version 1.11 or above in Salesforce for this feature to be available in your org.


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