For Registering a new Volunteer using the V4S Kiosk app, here's what you need to do

To add a contact/volunteer in your org

  • On the device running V4S Kiosk, click on the hamburger to bring up the Menu list
  • Click the Add new Contact tab,
  • Add volunteer details in the form, the fields marked in Red are mandatory fields
  • Click the Save/Done button to save the volunteer information

You can also add the volunteer to the Job/Shift directly

  • On the V4S Kiosk application, go to Jobs/Shifts screen
  • Click the Job/Shift that you want the volunteer to sign up for, and the screen is redirected to the Job/Shift details screen
  • You see a blue button that says "Don't see your name below? Sign up!". click it
  • Search for the volunteer name and you see a string as "First-time Volunteer? Click here!
  • Click the First-time volunteer string and add volunteer contact information and click the Signup button
  • The volunteer is now signed up for the Jobs/Shift and her contact information is saved in Salesforce as a volunteer
  • Go back to the Job/Shift details screen and click the Check-In button to Check-In to the Job/Shift
  • Once the Job/Shift is completed, the volunteer can click the Check-Out button from the same screen and Check-Out of the Job/Shift

Note: Configuration can be set to directly Check-In to Job/Shift from the First time volunteer screen, please contact the Salesforce Administrator or the Volunteer Coordinator to make these changes in your org.