There are many uses of the V4S Kiosk application, you save a lot of paperwork that can be saved on the Check-In and Check-Outs the volunteers make in your org. The volunteer Check-In/Out are saved immediately in Salesforce and the Hours get calculated correctly as per the time worked by the volunteer. Also, if the Volunteer has forgotten to Check-Out, they can be Checked-Out by creating the scheduler in your org.

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  • The Volunteer Coordinator or Volunteer Manager is called the V4S Kiosk user,
  • The V4S Kiosk user must be logged in to the V4S Kiosk application on a device and all the volunteers in the org must use the same device to Signup, Check-In/Out for Jobs and Shifts in the org
  • The V4S Kiosk user sees all the Jobs and Shifts scheduled in the org for the current day on the V4S Kiosk Jobs and Shifts screen,
  • If your org has scheduled Jobs and Shifts according to locations, filters can be added to show a set of Jobs and related shifts scheduled as per the location details,
  • If the Volunteer is already a Contact in your org and have not signed up for Job or Shift earlier, the volunteer can search for her name from the search volunteer screen and Signup and Check-In for Jobs or Shifts on the V4S Kiosk application
  • A walk-in volunteer can be added, signed up and Checked-in to Job or Shift on the device directly using the V4S Kiosk application,
  • If the Volunteer has signed up for a Job/Shift earlier using Web pages or if the volunteer coordinator has added a Volunteer recurrence schedule for the volunteer. The volunteer sees her name in the Volunteers today list in the V4S Kiosk application, the volunteer can Check-In and Check-Out for Jobs and Shifts from Volunteers today screen also
  • If the org is using the waiver forms, then the volunteers can sign the waiver forms on the device using the V4S Kiosk application and Check-In to Job or Shift
  • Using the V4S Kiosk app it reduces the process of registration done on papers and a lot of time spent on a spreadsheet for manually adding the volunteer check-in details and then uploading it in Salesforce.