You need an App Key, Employee ID, and a Password to log in to the Mobile Time Tracker Web app. 

Log in to the Mobile Time Tracker web app using the link below (Please enter your org App Key in the link where it is marked as *******)********#no-back-button

There are three tabs in the Time Tracker Web page

  • Multi Check-In
  • My Time
  • Dashboard


  • Check-In button is used to check-in to the Job you are currently working on,
  • Click the Check-In button, select Project, Task, Work Type and enter Notes if any, and click the Check-In button,
  • Click the Check-Out button to Check-Out of the current Job.

There are 2 buttons for Check-Out as Check-out now and Check-Out

  • Check-Out now: If you are checking out of the Job immediately after the Job is completed, click the Check-Out now button
  • Check-Out: If the Job is completed earlier and you forgot to Check-Out earlier, click the Check-Out button and enter the Total Hours and Minutes you worked on the Job and click the Check-Out button.
    • If you enter the total hours and minutes, the Mobile Time Tracker app automatically calculates the time and adds it to the Checked-Out field
      • e.g: If you have checked in for a Job at 10.30 a.m. and enter 1 hour and 10 minutes in the Hours and Minutes field and click the Check-Out button, the Check-Out time is displayed as 11.40 a.m. in the TT Details Tab.

Multi Check-In

  • Multi Check-In screen is used to enter the old data, it’s the Time details of the completed Jobs.
  • You can submit up to 10 check-in records using the Multi Check-in screen
  • Select Project, Task, Work Type, Start Date and Time and hours worked, then click the Submit button

My Time

  • This tab shows the time entries you have made using the Check-in or the Multi Check-In screen.
  • You can also see the time details in Salesforce under TT details tab

Dashboards show the data of Hours you have worked on Projects, Worktype and Task for the current week, last week, etc.,

Note: By default, you see TT Project, Worktype and Task objects for Check-Ins, the objects are customizable. The Dashboard displays the same object that is enabled in the org for tracking time. Please contact the Salesforce Administrator at your org to change the First, Second, and Third level objects for tracking time.