The Salesforce administrator can enable the option only to show the start date and time for tracking time in the Summary and on the Multi Check-in screens.

The TT user can only select the start date and enter total hours worked on a Project/Job and entering only total hours worked on a Project/Job can be enabled only for the TT user who works on MTT Web application and for the TT users who Check-In to Projects/Jobs within Salesforce

More information is given below for enabling Start date option

  • Log in to Salesforce as administrator
  • Go to TT apps Tab
  • Click the name of the App Key which TT Users use to login to the MTT application
  • Click the Config button
  • Go to General Tab
  • Enable the "Hide Record Start Time" checkbox
  • Click the Save button

Now the TT users who track time using the MTT Web app and Multi Check-In screen within Salesforce see the Project, Task, Billable, Notes and only Start Date and Hours Worked fields. They need not enter the Check-In time and Check-Out time.

The TT User must only select Project/Job, Task, and start date and total hours worked on the select Project/Job.