Note: Only TT Users who are set up as Approvers and who have been set up as Reporting Managers, will see the Time Sheets of the people that report to them. Click here to know more about creating an Approver ID

To approve the timesheets, please log in to the PK4 TimeTracker web app using the link below. Enter the App Key, ID, and PW to login

You see the Pending tab, which has sub-tabs as Summary, Pending, and Rejected

  1. The Summary screen shows the total hours worked by Users who report to you
  2. The Pending tab shows the Timesheets that are pending approval
  3. The rejected tab shows the timesheets that are rejected by you

To approve the timesheets

  • Go to the Pending tab
  • Check the Time Sheets
  • Select the timesheet record by clicking the checkbox at the beginning of the timesheet record
  • Click the Approve button to approve it
  • To Approve multiple timesheets, click the checkbox that is below the Approve button and click Approve
  • You can enter notes for the Approved or Rejected Time Sheets using the message icon that is below the Checkbox of each Time entry

To reject the Timesheets, click the check-box of a record and click the Reject button.

By default, the pending tab shows the time entries of the previous week, of all the users those report to you. To view the time details of a specific user or of a specific date, please select users from the Members list and dates on the From and To date fields, and click the Apply button.



  • By default, the Pending and Approved Timesheets are displayed for 30 days in the Mobile Time Tracker Web app for approving or for rejecting. If it exceeds the timeframe, then the Timesheets must be approved or Rejected within Salesforce only.

Once the Timesheets are rejected, you can re-approve them only within Salesforce, as the rejected Timesheets cannot be approved again from the pending screen.