This is a known issue in the V4S Kiosk application.

The Volunteer signups show up even after the volunteer recurrence scheduler has ended for the volunteer.

Imagine that you added the Volunteer Recurrence Schedule for a volunteer for six months. From January 1st to June 30th. For some reason, you want to end their signup to 3 months, i.e, you edit the end date of the Volunteer Recurrence Schedule and set up the end date as March 31st.

As the volunteer hours for this volunteer are already created for 6 months in Salesforce, you still see their name in the signed up volunteers list when you log in to the kiosk app. Even after you edited the volunteer recurrence end date.

As the signups in Salesforce were deleted using the Bulk delete option, the Salesforce API does not hit the trigger for the bulk delete/updates, when you edit the end date of the Volunteer Recurrence.

To fix this type of issue, we will give a refresh button in Salesforce and you can click the refresh button, once you bulk delete/edit the Volunteer Recurrence scheduler of a volunteer.
And this will be considered in our next package upgrade/release of the V4S Mobile application.

As a workaround, we will clear the volunteer hours in the V4S Kiosk app, only on request from your Salesforce Administrator or volunteer Coordinator.

To delete the volunteer hours on the V4S Kiosk app, please share

  • Job ID
  • Volunteer Recurrence ID
  • Modify Date of the Volunteer Recurrence
  • End date of the Volunteer Recurrence schedule

Please send the details to "" and we will help you with removing the Volunteer names from the signed-up volunteer list.