In the Setup Email Content Screen, these buttons buttons help you design a template.

This button is used to remove the highlighted separate sections in the email templates, once you click the square button, the borders that are in the template for each section are removed and shown as a Word file. This makes it easy for you to understand how the template looks when you send an email blast

This button is used to expand the template to show it on the full screen, which makes it easy to edit the email template

By clicking the button, you see the HTML content of the selected email template. If you want to create a similar template with a few changes, you can copy the HTML content and use it for creating a new template for the Email Blast. 

The import button is to import the HTML content from any other file and create a template in the PK4Connect app, and use it for an Email blast

This is used to remove a particular section in the Email template. Click the section that you want to remove from the template and click the warning button to remove the selected section in the template

This is the Style Manager button, that helps you to edit the template. The style manager button has 3 sub-tabs as Dimension, Typography, Decorations

  1. Dimension button is used to increase/decrease the Length and Width of the selected section in the template
  2. Typography allows you to edit the Font Size, Font Color, Font Style, etc.,
  3. Decorations allows you to add borders to the template, Shading etc., 

Shows the tiles that can be added to the template for sending an email blast

Drag and drop the section tiles to the template and then add images, text, button, etc., tiles in that section and design the email template.

Drag and drop the button tile to the template for adding Check-In, Check-Out, Interested, Not Interested, buttons in the templates

To add the buttons in the template

  • Drag and drop the button tile to the template screen
  • Click on button tile in the template and click the setting button on the top of the section screen
  • Enter the title of the button, add the url of the button int he "Href" field
  • Select if the link should be open in a new window or in the same browser window,

  • Drag and drop the text tile for adding text messages
  • Test Section allows you to add Heading and a text in the template
  • Image tile for adding images to the template
  • Quote tile is also for adding the test, in a bold and bigger font