You can send a test email (template) to yourself and check the template on different devices, or you can send test emails to a few people in your org and ask them to check it on their devices.

  • To create a test email, go to Campaign and click the new button, give the email campaign a name and save it. Add the test contacts to this campaign using the Add Contacts button and click the PK4Connect Email Campaign button.
  • Select how you would like to send emails in the Setup Audience screen and click the next button, select the templates from the saved templates list (saved templates show up only if you have created templates in your Salesforce org and saved them) or you can click the Starter templates string and use any of the test template and add/remove columns, text etc., edit the template as per your requirement and use it for sending the email blasts.
  • Click here to know more about creating email templates in Salesforce and using it for the Email Blasts.
  • Check the template in the Setup Email Content screen and add text, images, column, etc., if need and click the next button and fill in all the details like Sender Name, Sender Email and add the email IDs in the send test email field and click the Send Test Email button.
  • You can add up to 5 emails to send the testing templates

Once you send the test email, you can check the email on multiple devices and then use it for an Email Blast in your org.