You should add the Available Vacation days in the "PTO Current Status" tab for each user, the PTO days should be added according to the PTO status,

e.g: Sick, Vacation, Other, Personal, etc.,

To add the vacation days for users

  • Go to the PTO current Status tab in Salesforce, click the new button, add the TimeTracker user Name with vacation type (e.g: Prescilla-Paul--Vacation), Total Days, Available Days, Pending Approval Days, select the user from the user's list, and the PTO Type, and click the save button.
  • The Available Days and Pending Approval Days fields get updated automatically when the user applies for the PTO and the PTO's are approved.

Note: The Total Days, Available Days, and Pending Approval Days should be mandatorily added in Salesforce for each user in the PTO Current Status Tab. From the next time, you can only add/edit the Total Days for users as the available and Pending days get updated automatically.

You can also import the PTO Current Status data for the users, sample file for uploading the PTO Current Status is attached here