Every time you send an Email Blast, the data is saved in the "Email Blast", "Email Tracking", and the "Email Messages" tabs.

Email Blast:

  • Every time you send emails, a folder gets created automatically under the Email Blast tab with the email blast number and the email sent date
  • On click to the email blast ID, you see the total number of emails sent, emails opened, No. of links clicked in the email, No. of people that have unsubscribed, etc.,

Email Tracking:

An email that you send as part of an email blast goes through multiple Statuses. The Email Tracking tab has an entry for each Status that the message goes through.

The possible Statuses for an email are: Submitted, Delivered, Opened, Bounced, Clicked, Unsubscribed, Complained, etc.,

You will see an entry in the Email Tracking tab for every single Status that each of your emails goes through. The Email Tracking tab lets you know if the emails sent using PK4Connect was delivered, bounced, opened,  etc.,

Email Messages:

The Email Messages tab shows the email details sent to the recipients using the PK4Connect app.

There is one record created for each recipient from the email blast. Let's think you have sent an email blast on 27th April, and an entry is created in the Email Messages tab with SM number, recipient name, the email sent on Date and Time and the Most Recent Message status as Delivered, Bounced, etc.,

If a recipient opens the email on 28th April, the Email Messages list gets updated with the email opened Date and Time and the "Most Recent Message Status" as Opened.

You see the detailed information of the Email Messages tab when you click the SM number in the Email Messages list view, 

All the data in "Email Blast", "Email Tracking", and in the "Email Messages" tabs are saved automatically in Salesforce. You can leave the data as it is and can be referred to later, or you can delete the folders in the Email Message or in the Email Tracking tabs.

To delete the data in the Email Messages or in the Email Tracking tab. Go to the PK4C Setup tab and in the Delete Records section, select the object, select the Start and End Date and add additional filters if any, and click the Delete button to delete the records.

Note: The data cannot be retrieved once it is deleted in Salesforce.