If you are sending the same email (template) to the same recipients every time you send an Email Blast, you can use the Quick send email button. 

  • To use the Quick Send email option, you should send an Email Blast to the recipients at least once, using the PK4Connect Email Campaign. 
  • Make sure that you save the email template on the "Setup Email Content" screen by clicking the check box "Do you want to Save this template?"
  • We suggest you save the email template in the Email Blast is because only the templates that are saved can be used in the Quick-Send email blast.

Click here to know more about sending an email blast using the "PK4Connect Email Campaign" button.

Once the email template is saved you can start using the Quick-Send button for the email blast. By using the Quick-Send button you skip all the screens mentioned below

  • Setup Audience,
  • Setup Email Template
  • Setup Email Content 

Using the Quick-Send button for Email Blast

  • Click the Quick-Send button on the Campaign view page, you see a small popup that shows the campaign details as Campaign name, Email Subject, Campaign Members, Sender name, Email Template, and the Sender email ID.
  • Click the send button and you see a success message on the screen that says the email blast is sent. And the email is delivered to the recipients added to the selected campaign.