You can add your own domain domain to send emails from using the PK4Connect app. This means that, from within PK4Connect, you can send emails using your own email ID. 

To add your domain name to send emails from, you need to do the following:

  • Set up your domain in PK4C
  • Add a TXT record to your DNS, with the details that you will get from PK4C
  • Add CNAME recs to your DNS, with the details that you will get from PK4C.

The details of the process is described in this article.

Set up your Domain in PK4C

Click the PK4Connect Setup tab from the App launcher. In the Add New Domain screen, enter the your preferred sending domain name and click the "Add New Domain" button. You will then see a success screen as below, with details of the TXT and CNAME info that you need to set up in your DNS. 

You will also now have received an email from PK4Connect with the email subject "Your domain xxxxxx.xxxx has been added!" That email will have the same TXT and CNAME details in there.

Set up TXT and CNAME records in your DNS

Share the TXT and CNAME details for your domain, from the successfully-submitted screen or the email from PK4Connect, with the Systems Administrator at your org.

The Systems Administrator will add the TXT and CNAME records as needed. Some time in the next 48 hours, PK4Connect will check those entries and verify them. Once the details are verified, you will receive an email from PK4Connect confirming the verification of your sending-domain.

NOTE: If your Sys Admin adds just the TXT rec and not the CNAME recs, you will still receive a "confirmed" email from PK4C, but will be unable to send email from that domain. Please ensure that your Sys Admin completes both steps together.

Next Steps

After successful verification, when you log into PK4Connect, you will see your domain name in the "PK4Connect Wizard" screen. You can select the domain name from the Org Domain name used for sending mail section and send emails to the recipients. You can now send email as pretty much anyone from that sending domain.