With PK4Connect, you can send emails to recipients whose details are stored in any object in Salesforce. As long as there is an email ID for the recipients in the selected object.

You can send an email blast instantly or you can schedule it for later. You can use an existing template or create new templates of your own and use it for sending email.


  1. If you are using the Salesforce Campaign tab for sending an email blast, you can send emails only to email IDs in the Leads or Contacts objects.
  2. If you are using the Send Campaign tab and select "Send through Salesforce" option in the PK4Connect Wizard screen, you can send emails to IDs in the Accounts, Contacts or Leads objects.
  3. If you select "Send through PK4Connect Email Services" from the Send Campaign tab, you can send emails to recipients in any object in Salesforce that has an email ID in it.

Campaigns and Contacts

Use an existing Campaign or creating a new Campaign

To create a new campaign, click the New button in the Campaign tab. Enter Campaign Name, Status, Start and End Date, Description, etc., and save the campaign. Then add Leads or Contacts to this campaign for sending emails.

Add Leads or Contacts to Campaigns

To add Leads or Contacts to a Campaign, go to related tabs of the Campaign and click "Add Leads" or "Add Contacts" button to add the recipients of Leads or Contacts accordingly.

Click the "Import Leads and Contacts" button if you want to add multiple Leads or Contacts to the Campaign.

Create a view for sending email blast

You can create list views in Salesforce for any object and use it for sending an email blast. Create list views by adding filters related to Status, Lead type, Contact Types, Account type, etc.


Types of Templates

There are 3 types of email templates in PK4Connect:

  • Saved Templates: Saved Templates show all the templates created in Salesforce org and marked as Available for Use. This screen also shows the templates which are created and saved in the PK4Connect app using the Pre-designed templates
  • Pre-designed Templates: There are some pre-designed templates in the PK4Connect app as Gallery Basicgallery, Simple 1 3 Col, Sidebar Right, Letterhead RightLogo, etc., Select any of the pre-designed templates as per your requirement. Edit it to add new images, add the content of the email, add your company logo, etc., and use it for sending current emails.
    • You can click the "Do you want to save this template" checkbox to save the template. Once the template is saved, you see the saved templates in the Select Saved templates screen. These saved templates can be used again for sending email blast in your org the next time
  • Create your own: You can create an email template of your own from create my own screen. Add images, add text, add your company logo, etc and design your email template while sending an email blast.

Note: Typically, to create/manage templates in Salesforce, you need to know HTML resaonably well. But with PK4Connect, there are multiple ways to use WYSIWYG or drag-and-drop mechanisms without ever writing a like of HTML.

Design your own templates in Salesforce

You can create email Templates in Salesforce and use them for sending email blasts.

Creating an email template in your Salesforce org

From the Salesforce Home button, search for "Classic Email Templates" and choose the type of email template. Add all the information you want to send in the email and create a template and save it. Make sure that you have checked the "Available for Use" Checkbox and saved the template. The templates which are marked as "Available for Use" show up in the saved templates screen in the PK4Connect Wizard screen while sending email campaigns.

Email Campaigns, Blasts

Sending an Email Blast

You should add the "PK4Connect Email Campaign" or the "Quick-Send" button to the Campaign for sending an email blast. Click here to know more about adding the "PK4Connect Email Campaign" and "Quick-Send" buttons to the Campaign.

By using the "PK4Connect Email Campaign" button you can create a template or use an existing template and send an Email Blast. If you send Email Blasst frequently using the same email template and for the same recipients, you can use the Quick-Send button to quickly send an Email Blast.

Send emails from a Salesforce Campaign

From the Campaign tab, click the campaign you wish to send an Email Blast to, then click the PK4Connect Email Campaign button. Enter an Instance name and select the relevant optionsto send emails. The options and their implications are described below.

Send through Salesforce

If you wish to send emails through Salesforce, click on Send through Salesforce. Now select the Who are the Members to send email to?, select Contacts or Leads and click the next button. 

You should now select the email template for sending an email blast.

  • If you have already created the Email templates for sending an email blast in your Salesforce org, select it from the saved templates.
  • If you have not created the templates, create a template using the pre-designed Templates or Create my Own tile in the PK4Connect app, and create a template. Use it for sending an email blast to the recipients in your org. You can also save the template by clicking the "Do you want to Save this template" checkbox and save the template for the current email and use the same template for sending an email blast the next time.

After you have selected/designed the template for sending emails, enter the template name and email subject and click the next button. Check the details in the "Just some final details" screen and click the Send Email button to send an email blast

Send through PK4Connect Email services

If you wish to send emails through PK4Connect Email Services, click it. Now select the "Who are the Contacts to send email to?  select Contacts or Leads and click the next button.

If you have selected "Members of a Campaign" then you can send emails only to the recipients from Leads or Contacts

If you have selected "Data from any Object' then you can send emails to the recipients from Leads, Contacts, and Accounts.

These are Transactional Emails: Transactional emails are sent to the Customers and other Stakeholders who have previously agreed to receive emails from you.

Send emails using Send Campaign (PK4Connect object):

Use the Send Campaign tab for sending an email blast to the recipients from objects like Opportunities, Accounts, Leads, etc.,

From the app launcher go to the PK4Connect tab and click the Send Campaign tab, enter instance name, select if you want to send an email blast through Salesforce, or from PK4Connect Email services. 

Select the email template if you have created the email templates already or create them using Pre-designed of design your own template screen. Once the Template is ready, enter the email subject in the "Setup Email Content" screen and click the Send Email button.

You see a message as "Mail Sent" and shows the number of emails sent.

You can check the email template from the test email and later send emails to the recipients.

Send test email: You can send a test email for up to 5 internal contacts for testing the email templates before you send it to all the recipients. Add the Email Id in the Send a test email to up to 5 comma-separated IDs section in the Send email screen and hit the Sent test email button.

Scheduled email: PK4Connect allows you to schedule the email blast, you can schedule the email template such that PK4Connect will automatically send out the email on the specified Date and Time which is in the Send email screen. Click here to know more.

Instance name The Instance name is an identifier for a given Email Blast. You can enter a whatever name you see fit, to track the results of a specific Email Blast. The number of emails  Opened, Delivered, Bounced, Complained-about, etc. are all availlable at an Email Blast level.

Other Considerations

Processing OAuth

When you click on a Campaign name the first time when you start using PK4Connect, you will see a screen that says "Permission requested" and a "Process OAuth" button, click on the process oAuth, and then the allow button. The PK4Connect app is now authorized and you will see a success screen and the PK4Connect app is ready to use.

You will not need to process OAuth every time that you send out an email campaign. You need to do it the first time after you install the PK4Connect app and later only if your OAuth token has expired (possibly a year after your install).

Why should you process OAuth? OAuth is an open protocol that authorizes a client application to access data from a protected resource through the exchange of tokens. OAuth tokens are essentially permissions given to a client application. The resource server can validate the tokens and allow the client application access to the defined protected resources. In Salesforce, you can use OAuth authorization to approve a client application’s access to your org’s protected resources.

Some things to remember

  • Your Company Address and an Unsubscribe link are mandatory in every email template before sending an Email Blast. Drag and drop the Company Address and Unsubscribe link in the template from the blocks at the template screen.
  • You can send a test email to check the template before sending an email blast if you have selected "Send through PK4Connect email Services" in the "Setup Audience" screen. 
  • You can send up to 15,000 emails in a given Email Blast.
  • You cannot send a test email if you have selected the option "Send through Salesforce" in the "Setup Audience" screen. 
  • If you are sending emails through Salesforce, please check the number of email limitations set in your org for sending email blast per day and then send emails accordingly. Because there are email limitations set in your Salesforce org, emails will not be sent if the number exceeds the limitation in Salesforce.