Yes, you can send a test email to yourself and other email IDs - upto 5 of them - before sending an Email Blast. The test email helps you proofread your email, get feedback from others and make sure that all links, fonts, images show up correctly.

You can send a test email from the Send Email (last tab) of the PK4Connect Email Wizard. Send the test email after you finish setting up all the content, images, and links in the template for the Email blast.

You can send a test email up to 5 recipients. To send a test email, enter up to 5 email IDs in the field Send a test email to up to 5 comma-separated IDs field and then click the "Send Test Email" button. Make sure that you separate multiple email IDs with commas.

A test email is sent to all the email IDs that you entered in the send a test email field. The Subject of the email that you receive will contain the word <Test> to identify that it is a Test mail. 

Note:  Any merge fields that you may have entered in your template will NOT be expanded in the test email.