There are multiple types of templates in the pre-designed templates folder. Select a template that's closest to what you want to send. You can then add images, text, links, fields from Salesforce objects, etc., to the select pre-designed template, then user it in your Email Blast.

To edit a pre-designed template, go to the PK4Connect Wizard screen:

  • In the Setup Email Template tab, select a template from Starter or from the Saved templates and click the next button,
  • Select the template in the Setup Email Template tab from Saved templates or from the Starter Templates
  • Add/remove the columns, images, etc., in the Setup Email Content screen. Drag and drop the tiles from the right-hand side of the screen, and click the next button and use the template for sending an email blast.
  • Save the template by enabling the "Do you want to save this template" check-box. Saved templates are stored in the "Select Saved Templates" folder.