You can send emails to recipients listed in any Salesforce object (Standard or Custom) using the PK4Connect wizard. Your object must contain an Email ID field.

For sending an email blast

  • Create a List View on the Salesforce object that includes the recipients that you want to send the email blast to.
  • Click the Campaign name and click the PK4Connect Campaign button.
  • On the first sub-tab, select the fields for setting up your audience. Make sure that you give this instance of the Campaign a proper name. Select the Object, the List View, and the field that identifies the Email-ID on the object.
  • Next, select the email template if you have already designed it.  If not, you can select a pre-designed template or design your own template using our easy block-based editor. 
  • If needed, modify the template to have your own content, images and merge fields from the object that you've selected.
  • Finally, on the last tab, select whether you want to send out the campaign right away or Schedule it for the time that you want and click on the Send Email button. Your email campaign is either sent out or scheduled, based on your selections.
  • You will receive an email notification when your email campaign is sent out.