An Email Blast is a single outreach of a specific campaign that you have sent out. So think of it as a combination of an email template and a set of recipients to whom you sent that template.

The Email Blast includes statistics on each email campaign that you sent out. You will see the details of the number of Delivers, Opens, Bounces, Complaints, etc.

  • Every time you send a mass email using PK4Connect, a new Email Blast is created.
  • The Email Blast gets created automatically in Salesforce with the Folder number and the date of emails sent.
  • The Email Blast list page shows you the statistics for the Campaign Instances created for you
  • Click the Email Blast Sys-Name ID to view the details
    • Campaign name
    • Campaign sent on Date and Time
    • Sent by user name
    • Object name that was selected for sending Email Blast, etc.
  • On the related tab, you see the contact information to whom the emails were sent to.
  • The Email Tracking in the related tab screen shows the details of campaign effectiveness as Email Statuses, e.g., Open, Bounced, Unsubscribed.