You must set the domain name for your Salesforce org.  Without this, you will not be able to send mass emails using PK4Connect.

Note: this is not the same as setting up a domain for your emails to go from. That is a separate process and is described here.


Only a  Salesforce Administrator at your org can set the domain name.  Click the link below for more information about setting the domain name for your Salesforce org



Once you set the domain name, the domain name must be deployed to all Salesforce users in the org. Here's how to do that:

  • Once the domain name is set, wait for a few minutes. Then go back to the My Domain screen in Salesforce. You will see a message that says “Your domain name is ready. Log in to test it out.”
  • Click the Login button
  • The Salesforce screen gets refreshed and you see the new domain name in the Salesforce URL
  • You see a button as “Deploy to Users” in the My domain screen
  • Click the Deploy to Users screen and then the OK button
  • Now the domain name is deployed to all the Salesforce users in your org


Now the Domain name is set and ready to use in the PK4Connect Campaign.