Events are Shifts in Salesforce.

More information is given below for creating Events in the Org

  • Log in to Salesforce as Administrator
  • Go to Volunteer Jobs tab and search for the Job to create an event
  • Click on the Job name, and go to Related Tab
  • Click the new button for Volunteer Shifts
  • Enter Start Date and Time (of the Event)
  • Add Duration Hours and Desired Number of Volunteers (volunteers are the people who Check-In the Attendees for the Event)
  • Click the Save button
  • Now the Shift is created (Shift appears as Event in V4S Kiosk application once V4S Attendees are added to the Shift)

As the Shift is created now, the Shift will only appear on the Jobs and Shifts details on V4S Kiosk, to display this on the Events tab, add Attendees for the Shift

Attendees can be added to a Shift from Salesforce or on the device directly on which the V4S Kiosk application.

Click here to know more about adding attendees for an Event from Salesforce

Follow the instructions below for adding attendees to an event from the device in V4S Kiosk application

  • Login to V4S Kiosk application from the ID who has access to Events Tab
  • Go to Attendees Today tab from the menu
  • Click the + button
  • Click the drop-down for "Select event today" and select the Shift which is created for events from the shifts list
  • Enter the Attendee name in the Search screen and click the search button, to see the related contact details appear on the screen. Click the add/save button
  • Now the Attendee is added to an Event and the events are listed in the Events tab on the V4S Kiosk application.