QR code is an auto-generated code with a combination of Event ID and Contact ID. Each Contact (Attendee/Guest) has a unique QR code generated for each Event.

Make sure that the correct QR code is emailed to Attendees for an Event. 

The QR Code can be scanned to Check-In/Out Attendees for an Event.

More information on QR Code Scan 

  • Login to the V4S Kiosk application on a Phone (We suggest that the QR Code scanning is done using an iPhone or Android Phone because the iPad/Tablet has a bigger screen and the Scanner takes more time to get the exact QR code points for scanning)
  • Go to Events Tab
  • There are tiles with Event details along with 3 buttons on each tile
    • Yellow Contact button to add more attendees for the event
    • Green button to Scan attendee QR Code
    • Red Image button to click images of the event if required
  • Click the green button to scan the QR code of an Attendee
  • Click the Check-In button to Check-In the Guest for the Event

To Check-in the Attendees manually,

  • Log in to the V4S Kiosk application
  • Go to Attendees today tab
  • You see a list of Attendees listed with their Name, email ID, Shift ID, Attendee Status and a Check-in button
  • Click the Check-In button to Check-In the V4S Attendee to an event