V4S Roster uses the underlying objects from Volunteers for Salesforce. That means we use the Volunteer Jobs and Volunteer Shifts to model the Courses and Classes.

If you are running a Course that consists of multiple Classes, you can do the following:

  • Set up your Course as a Volunteer Job
  • Set up each individual Class within that Course as a Volunteer Shift
  • If you have attendees who will attend the entire course, then add them in at the Job level, they will automatically be assigned to all the Classes in that Course
  • If you have attendees who will only attend one or a few of the Classes within the Course, then assign them only to those specific Class (es).

Note: If you assign the same member to the Course and then to a Class within that Course, you will see that Member's name as a duplicate. Please follow the rules above for assigning members to avoid this.