V4S Mobile User (Personal user) can log in to the V4S Personal app, Sign up, and Check-In/Out of Jobs/Shifts using the V4S Personal application.

There is no need to create a V4S Personal User ID manually in Salesforce. Because the V4S Personal User ID gets created in the org automatically when the V4S Personal User registers herself on the V4S Personal application

Creating the V4S Personal User ID

  • Ask the volunteers to install the V4S Personal app from App Store for iOs devices or from the Google Play Store for Android device
  • Click the Signup button/tab on the V4S Personal app screen on their device and enter the App Key, Email ID, Password, and the Confirm Password and click the arrow button.
  • The volunteer is now logged in to the V4S Personal app and a V4S Mobile user ID is created for them in Salesforce automatically up signup

The V4S Mobile app checks for the Contact in your Salesforce org and if the Contact does not exist in Salesforce, the app automatically creates a new Contact and then creates a new V4S Mobile User ID for the volunteer.

If the Contact exists then the app will only create a new V4S Mobile User ID.

Note: The Email ID is unique for every Volunteer, so the app searches for a Contact with the same email ID that is entered by the V4S Personal User on the login screen and then creates a new Salesforce Contact and V4S Mobile User ID when they click the Signup/Register button on the V4S Personal login screen.

  • App Key: The App Key is generated in Salesforce once the V4S Mobile app is installed in the Salesforce org
  • Email ID: The Contact Email ID of the volunteer
  • Password: Any password that can be remembered easily, as the password entered upon the signup is saved and the same password must be used for the future logins of the V4S Personal app.