Events must be created as Shifts in Salesforce and the events (Shifts) show up on the V4S Kiosk application on the event date. This is because the V4S Kiosk application is meant to display only Current days Jobs/Shifts. And the Event is created as Shift in Salesforce the Shift shows up on the device only on the Event(Shift) date.

To add guest or Walk-In attendees to an event

  • Login to the V4S Kiosk app as an Event User (V4S Mobile user must be enabled with "Is Events User" button on V4S Mobile User record, only then the V4S Kiosk user can access the events tabs) click here to know more about creating Events user

To add an existing contact in your org as an attendee for an Event,

Click the Attendees today tab on the V4S Kiosk app and click the + button which is at the bottom of the device screen. 

Select the event ID in the Select event today field, and search for the contact in the Attendee info screen and click the search button. You see the contact name with a Check-in button. Click the Check-In button to check-in the attendee for the event

To create a new attendee

From the Attendee today tab click the + button and click the Add tab in the add attendee screen

Select the Event, and add the contact information of the attendee as First Name, Last Name, Email ID, Phone number, etc fields and click the Add or Check-In button.

If you click the Add button the attendee is only added as Attendee to the Event, but not Checked-In. If you click the Check-In button, the attendee is added and Checked-in for the selected event.