You should be logged in to the Time Tracker for Salesforce app as a Team Lead to track time for your team. The Salesforce Administrator at your org creates a user ID for you to log in to the Time Tracker for Salesforce application

  • To track time for yourself and your team members, log in to the Time Tracker for Salesforce  application on a device with App Key, Employee ID, and a PW
  • You now see your name and your team members name listed on the device with the Clock-In button
  • Clock in yourself and the team members, and click the Red button that is at the bottom of the device screen to Check-In for Job/Travel (if your org is tracking time for Job and Travel you see both buttons, or you only see the Start-Job button)
  • On the next screen, select the Project, Task, etc., and click the Start-Job button.
  • To Check-Out, click the Start/Stop button, and click the stop Job/Travel button and Check-Out
  • Click the Clock out button for team members and for yourself and Clock-out for the day.