If there are only one or two attendees to be added to an event, you can add them manually in Salesforce

If there are multiple Attendee data to be added to the V4S Attendees list then the V4S Attendees data must be imported into Salesforce.

The Attendees should be Contacts in Salesforce, if the Contact does not exist, import/add the contacts in Salesforce with the mandatory data as 

  • Contact First Name
  • Contact  Last Name
  • Contact  Mobile No.
  • Contact  Email ID

Upload/import the above file to Salesforce Contact 

  • From Salesforce Admin ID, click on Setup and search for "Data Import Wizard". Click the Launch Wizard button and select "Account and Contact" from Standard Object list and select Add New Records and map the contact data in the mapping data screen. Click the next button and cross-check if the data is mapped with the correct fields and click Start Import Button and once the imports are completed, you see the result on the Salesforce Screen. Also, you ret an email related to the import status.

Once the Attendee contact details are uploaded, prepare another CSV file with below data


  • Contact (V4S Attendee Full Name): Include both First Name and Last Name in one column for importing Attendee Name. This should be the same Contacts which was imported earlier, but as Contact and Attendees are different Objects, we need to import the Contact (Attendee) name once again for Attendee Object
  • Status: There are 3 types of Attendee Status as Confirmed, Unconfirmed and Walk-in, add the relevant V4S Attendee Status in this column
  • Payment Details: Enter the data as of how the Attendee is paying for the Event, e.g: Cash, Credit Card, Cheque, etc.,
  • Payment Status: Mention if the Attendee is already paid for the event or Unpaid 
  • Seated at Table: Mention the Table which is allotted to them. e.g: Table 2, Table 3 etc.,
  • Guest of: Mention the Contact name if the V4S Attendee is invited by an Attendee who is already available as V4S attendee already
  • # of Guests: Count of Guests accompanying the V4S Attendee
  • Category: Add the type of Category does the V4S Attendee belong to, e.g: VIP, Press, Staff, etc.,
  • Shift ID: shift ID is Mandatory only if the V4S Attendee data is imported for a specific Shift. e.g: Shift-02151

To import V4S Attendee data, V4S Attendee Name is a mandatory field, and other fields are optional. If there are any additional Custom fields in the Org for V4S Attendees, you can import the data of those fields in the same CSV file.

To import the V4S Attendee data

  • Go to Setup and search for "Data Import Wizard" and click the Launch Wizard button. Select Add New records and select the fields and map the fields from CSV file with the fields in Salesforce and import the attendee data.

Once the imports are completed, you see the result on the Salesforce import status screen and the upload status email is sent to the Salesforce Administrator in your org with the import details. 

Refer to the attachments for sample Contact and V4S Attendee files for imports.